Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Introducing Charlie Matthew Ancell

I can not believe that Charlie is 2 months and I am just now updating our blog. Mason already had 4 posts by now, but its better late than never. I went in on August 15 which put me at 39 weeks pregnant to the date. I was suppose to be induced by 38 weeks but my doctor was off and the next time she was on call was when I was 39 weeks. I could have been induced earlier but she would not have been there to deliver my baby and with all of my problems I wanted her around. Things progressed slow at the beginning and I was in a lot of pain. She wouldn't let me have my epidural until I was at least a 3 or 4. So at 12:53 she broke my water and by 4:56 I was holding my sweet baby boy in my arms. Weighing in at 7 lbs. 13 oz and 20 1/4 inches long full of dark hair just like his big brother Mason. Matt and I were so blessed and beyond excited to finally get to meet our baby boy. another BOY!!!! I still can't believe I have 2 boys. My urologist decided he wanted the CT scan done the next morning after Charlie was born. Luckily, the scan showed no stone or mass. There is one more possibility of something else that could be wrong but he wanted to give my body some time to heal before we repeat the scan. I have to go back next month. I feel SO much better but still have some pain which does concern me but I am only going to hope for the best. Next day the urologist came in to release me and we were all on our way home. I got to go home and be a family of 4 and enjoy these past couple of months with my boys. I thank all of my family and friends for the continued prayers while I was in the hospital and all of the sweet texts and phone calls I received from everyone. 

Charlie is such a sweet baby and Mason has been an awesome big brother. Mason is a little obsessed with his brother but I am trying to let him be as involved as he wants to be because I know one day he is going to get so annoyed with him. I love every second of everyday with these 2 boys. I feel like Charlie has been apart of our family forever.

Although life seems to be a little chaotic for Matt and I, I am just trying to remain calm and realize that it could always be worse and that all of these little things are just that, "little". We are set to move to our new house the weekend of November 2nd. I can NOT wait!

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